Preserving Your Papers, Photos, and Analog Music in the Digital Age

Do you, like me, have paper documents that have long been scanned and processed, records or music cassettes you want to listen to on your mobile phone, and photo prints planned for a digital photo book? Then you will appreciate the two-step instructions in this article to convert analog media to digital and process them further.

Scan documents and recognize text: Important insurance papers, contracts, invoices, or simply letters can be scanned to preserve them. Use OCR software after scanning to recognize text for searching and editing with a standard word processor. To scan documents, use Not Another PDF Scanner 2 (Naps 2) for editing and saving scans. Create a profile for your scanner, adjust settings, and save scans as PDF or images, with options for color adjustments.

Digitize and optimize photos: Digitize slides, negatives, or photos with a scanner or a combination device. Use software like Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 for scanning and editing photos. Scan photos, choose output format and folder, and edit photos with various tools for contrast, colors, white balance, and more.

Digitize records and manage music: Convert records to digital for mobile enjoyment. Connect a record player to your PC via USB or audio output, using the appropriate audio cable. Use recording software like Audacity to digitize records, configure playback and recording settings, and save recordings in desired formats.

By following these steps, you can easily convert analog media to digital and enhance them for further use on your mobile devices.