Your Guide to Black Friday SSD Deals: Early Sales and What to Expect

SSD prices have been good all throughout 2023—and given earlier sale periods in the year, like Prime Day, you should expect Black Friday to deliver solid discounts. In fact, we’re already seeing early Black Friday deals as retailers attempt to get ahead of the big day itself. Still, even with the general trend downward in cost and further cuts on top of that, not every SSD deal you’ll see is a true bargain. It pays to be armed with knowledge, whether that’s tips on how to shop or just a list of the best deals. You’ll find both below. Best early Black Friday 2.5-inch SATA SSD deals Best early Black Friday M.2 NVMe SSD deals In truth, prices for SSDs have actually nudged up in the last month—whether that’s due to ongoing inflation or good ol’ fashioned retailer shenanigans, we can’t say. If you’re not in a rush for an SSD, waiting closer to Black Friday will likely pay off, but there are still a couple of solid deals to be found if you want to buy now. Take for example Samsung’s new 4TB capacity for its 990 Pro SSD, which is down to one of its lowest prices. FAQ 1. When is Black Friday? Black Friday will fall on November 24, 2023. But like in years past, the deals have already begun ahead of that date—you can find discounts and bargains now. 2. What should I look for in a Black Friday SSD deal? The best Black Friday deals drop prices on SSDs from reliable brands. A good discount starts around 15 to 20 percent—and a great deal will be 30 percent or more. Typically, the bigger bargains are higher-capacity SSDs (2TB or higher). For the specific brands to watch, stick with known names like Samsung, Crucial, Corsair, SK Hynix, Western Digital, Kingston, and Sabrent. Solidigm, TeamGroup, and PNY are also options. The further afield you go, the more likely you’ll end up with underperforming (aka slow) drives. Pay attention to the model, as well. You can often find multiple drives from a single vendor on sale. The usual sweet spots are discounts on high-performing drives rarely on sale and steep price cuts on budget models. This year we’re finally seeing sizable reductions on 4TB drives, too. 3. What are the best early Black Friday SSD deals? So far, the best deals have been scattered across different capacities, with fairly modest showing so far (especially for this time of year). We expect to see discounts for the bigger brands in the coming weeks. You won’t miss out by not waiting, though—at least, not if you go with one of our picks. 4. Which SSDs does PCWorld rate the highest? PCWorld tests and reviews new SSDs every month. So, if you’re looking to see what we recommend price notwithstanding, check our rankings of the best SSDs of 2023. You will likely find that some of our top picks have gone on sale