Windows 11: Testing New USB Technology, AI-Enhanced Audio, and Copilot Tweaks

Microsoft started testing new Windows 11 features, like Voice Clarity, 80Gbps USB support, and improved sharing and compression capabilities. This could be part of the Windows 11 Canary Channel, which may ultimately be released to the general public. Last year, a “remote capture” feature was released, but it has been pulled back for future development. Microsoft has released new under-the-hood improvements, but no significant features as part of Build 26040. The remote capture capability will now be part of the Snipping Tool app instead. Microsoft has added Voice Clarity filtering models to those apps that can support a Microsoft Windows communications signal processing mode, potentially improving background noise filtering and voice quality. USB has been upgraded to support 80Gbps technology. Windows has also expanded the list of apps available for sharing content and has improved file compression support. Additional changes include moving the Copilot icon to the right and updates to the Windows Setup Experience. It is now easier to move between images and Graphics on a screen, and Narrator can now describe the image using AI. Lastly, new support is available for Hebrew and Colemak keyboard layouts.