Unveiling Intel’s Cutting-Edge 14th Generation Core HX for Mobile Gaming

Intel has launched its mobile version of the Raptor Lake Refresh processors for laptops at CES 2024. These new chips, led by the Core i9-14900HX, are powerful enough to provide desktop speeds within a gaming laptop. Alongside the Core Ultra chips are offered in laptops, the new Raptor Lake Refresh powers Intel’s 14th-gen desktop series. Although the HX processors are similar to the 13th-gen, owners of a 13th-gen Core laptop may pause before making the upgrade. These new chips deliver much sharper performance improvements compared to the Core Ultra for 14th-gen Core HX laptop owners. Approximately sixty HX-based notebooks are expected to ship this year. The Core Ultra chips are designed for all-day productivity laptops, while the new 14th-gen mobile Core HX series is aimed at fast gaming laptops.

The Core Ultra processors feature six performance cores and eight efficiency cores, while the 14th-gen mobile Core i9-14900HX boasts eight performance cores and sixteen efficiency cores. The 14th-gen chips share some features with the Core Ultra, such as DDR5 memory, Bluetooth 5.4/5.3, and integrated Wi-Fi 6E. Additionally, the 14th-gen offers support for Thunderbolt 5, enabling up to 80 to 120Gbps connections, multiple high-resolution displays, and external GPUs.

Intel, along with its partners, plans to ship over 750 designs this year. The series includes five 14th-gen mobile Core HX processors, all operating at 55W and supporting turbo mode up to 157W. Notably, the new 14th-gen HX processors offer significant performance improvements over the Meteor Lake chips.

In terms of I/O infrastructure, the new 14th-gen Core HX-series chips feature DDR5-5600 memory and more lanes of PCIe Gen 5. Thunderbolt 5 and WiFi 7 will also be available on select models. However, when it comes to display I/O, the 14th-gen HX tech supports HDMI 2.0b and DisplayPort 1.4, which falls short of the display capabilities of Meteor Lake. Nevertheless, the 14th-gen HX platform includes support for High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3), Thunderbolt 4, and a variety of USB connections.

In terms of performance, the new 14th-gen HX processors are comparing favorably to older AMD Ryzen CPUs. While direct comparisons to the 13th-gen mobile Core chips have not been made, it’s possible that we’ll see a mild gen-over-gen performance improvement. All of the new 14th-gen HX platforms are overclockable and support Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility for tuning.