Unreliable Warranty: Why Trust Fitbit Products?

The inherent expiration date of tech devices makes it difficult to predict when they’ll fail. However, there are instances when the company responsible for the device causes it to fail via a software update. This is the case with Fitbit. PCWorld purchased a Fitbit Charge 5 in 2021 and initially had a positive experience with it. However, when attempting a firmware update, the device went dead. This issue has been occurring since summer 2023 and is well-documented, but Fitbit’s customer support did not offer a satisfactory resolution. Furthermore, a 35-percent-off coupon was offered for the purchase of a new Fitbit device, excluding the Fitbit Charge 6. Despite this, Fitbit has not responded to inquiries regarding this policy. As a result, the author no longer recommends Fitbits and suggests viewing them as a yearly purchase in the US or a biannual purchase in regions with better warranty protections. Overall, the author believes that Fitbit’s business model and anti-consumer behavior do not warrant continued consumer support.