Unlimited Masked Email Techniques for Secure and Private Inboxes

I have long favored Bitwarden for password security and email aliases for privacy. Recently, I discovered a solution that combines the advantages of both. This involves using Bitwarden’s username generator with DuckDuckGo’s masked email service. This gives you an easy way to create unique emails and passwords on any app or website you visit, all in one place. It’s free and has no usage limitations. Bitwarden is a free password manager that generates random passwords every time you sign up for an app or website. Having unique passwords for each site ensures that if hackers steal your password from one place, they can’t access your other accounts. Masked emails protect your identity in a security breach and keep your true email hidden from marketers for ad targeting. While masked emails are great in theory, setting them up can be a hassle. Bitwarden started integrating masked email services directly with its password manager to address this issue. Initially, there were subscription fees or usage limits for Bitwarden’s masked email options. However, in late 2022, they added support for masked emails from DuckDuckGo, which allows users to generate an unlimited number of email aliases for free. Using Bitwarden’s tie-in with DuckDuckGo provides the benefits of unlimited email masking without having to use DuckDuckGo’s browser extension and search engine. The setup involves connecting Bitwarden with DuckDuckGo and requires a desktop web browser running on a computer. Users need to temporarily install the DuckDuckGo web browser extension and set up the Email Protection feature. Once set up, users can generate masked email addresses directly from Bitwarden’s login creator. Other options for creating secure passwords and masked emails include Ironvest (formerly Abine Blur), Apple’s “Hide My Email” feature, and 1Password’s email masking for Fastmail users. Bitwarden’s other email masking options include SimpleLogin, AnonAddy, Firefox Relay, and Fastmail. These have usage limitations for non-paying users but offer other benefits that may be worth considering.