Unleash Your Creativity: Generating Free AI Images with Adobe Firefly

The graphics market is dominated by Adobe, with its widely used image editing program Adobe Photoshop. Adobe’s investment in artificial intelligence (AI) includes the new service Firefly. Firefly is a generative service that creates new images based on text commands, similar to other professional tools like Midjourney. The free version of Firefly allows users to create a certain number of images, while paying users get more credits and avoid the Adobe watermark. To get started with Firefly, users need to create an account on firefly.adobe.com. The tools for using Firefly are located on the Firefly home page and can be accessed through “Generative fill,” “Text effects,” or other options. The free version has limitations, including a watermark on saved images and a low resolution. Firefly is still in development, with more AI tools expected in the future. This article was originally in Swedish and appeared on pcforalla.se.