Uncovering the Best Price-to-Performance Gaming CPUs

This detailed guide will answer the pressing questions about which processors currently have the best price-performance ratio for playing current titles and also provides many useful tips. The article considers processors from AMD and Intel from the Ryzen and Core series of the following generations: AMD Ryzen 5000 (“Vermeer”), AMD Ryzen 7000 (“Raphael”), Intel Core 12000 (“Alder Lake”), and Intel Core 13000 (“Raptor Lake”).

The most interesting question answered in the following diagrams is “Which processor offers the highest performance for the money?”. The article also considers a total of three elementary criteria for the price-performance ratio: Price-performance ratio in games with HD (720p), Price-performance ratio in games with full HD (1080p), and Price-performance ratio in multi-thread applications.

The article continues to provide detailed purchase recommendations for every price range, including the best price and retailer for each CPU recommendation. Users who rely on an APU and want to use a CPU with an integrated powerful GPU should also look at the AMD Ryzen 5600G, which is currently offered at prices starting at $124.