Top USB-C Cables of 2023: In-Depth Reviews and Expert Recommendations

All USB-C cables are not the same, and manufacturers’ claims about cable superiority are not just about over-pricing. PCWorld tested USB-C cables and noticed significant performance differences in charging and data transfer. The picks below are the best in both categories. Amazon’s pick is currently unavailable, but there are more options to come. The 6.6 -foot Apple USB -C Charge Cable is not branded, but it has top-notch wiring materials and delivers the most power to laptops, phones, and tablets. It’s excellent for charging and its high price reflects its quality as a product from an Apple store or certified retailer. The Dockcase 8.5-inch USB-C cable is a better performer due to its short length, but due to its length is best suited for an ultra-fast portable USB-C SSD. The Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-C USB 2.0 cable is not practical for transferring data due to slow speed and lower wattage. The Anker Powerline is a USB 2.0 480MBps cable, so transferring large files will be tedious, but it is ideal for phones, tablets, and light-duty laptops. The JSAUX USB C to USB C Cable 60W 2-pack is essentially a basic USB-C charging cable, as its charge rate is limited to 60 watts, with data transfer limited to a slow 480MBps. It has a great number of positive reviews, but we would pass it for a pricier, better-performing option.