Top Tech Deals at Best Buy for Black Friday 2023

Best Buy’s Black Friday deals are now available, allowing you to purchase TVs, streaming devices, Apple products, and more at discounted prices. There’s no need to wait until later in the week as Best Buy’s discounts typically last through Black Friday week, including Cyber Monday. Waiting too long increases the risk of items selling out.

Apple product sales at Best Buy are usually modest, but the discounts for Black Friday are much deeper. If you don’t mind purchasing an older generation, you can get even bigger discounts.

Best Buy’s discounts for gaming accessories, Microsoft laptops, gaming laptops, thin-and-light laptops, and Chromebooks are significant, offering budget and mid-range models at lower prices. When it comes to monitors, Best Buy has several deals worth considering, including gaming displays and more affordable mainstream options.

For PC components like Crucial SSDs and storage, Best Buy has some discounts to take advantage of. The streaming devices from Amazon, Google, and Roku are also available at low prices. As for TV deals, Best Buy offers significant discounts on LG, Hisense, Sony, and Samsung models.

Best Buy’s Black Friday deals are generally good, but it’s important to carefully evaluate the quality of the products and the actual price drops. Best Buy discounts most product categories during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the advantage of being able to shop both online and in-store. Overall, Best Buy’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are worth considering, especially for those who prefer in-store shopping and easy returns.