Top Picks from CES 2024: The Most Impressive PC Hardware

AI was expected to be a big feature at CES, but there was also plenty of traditional PC tech on display. One such product is MSI’s MEG 321URX QD-OLED monitor, which not only offers impressive specs but also includes AI capabilities such as AI Skylight for gaming. AMD’s Ryzen 8500G and 8600G chips were also showcased, although the lack of AI in the 8500G makes it more appealing due to its lower price. MSI’s Claw, a new handheld gaming PC, made its debut at CES, offering a viable competitor to the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. Lenovo also unveiled a unique concept with its prepper-friendly wireless mouse and keyboard. Asus introduced the ROG NUC mini-PC, a space-saving gaming solution with high-end components and connectivity options. Additionally, dual-screen laptops from Lenovo and Asus were showcased, offering a multi-monitor experience without the hassle of extra devices. Finally, Asus’s BTF ecosystem impressed with its cable-free desktop PC concept, providing a clean, wireless interior.