Top Cloud Backup Services Compared: Carbonite, iDrive, and Backblaze in 2024

Online backup is a hedge against physical data disaster, whether from a technical failure, an act of malice, or an act of nature. Storing files and folders on a PC comes with threats, so it is essential to keep a local backup for quick restores and to upload data to an online backup service as a reliable way to cover your bases.

Nearly all of the major online backup services are exceptional products with unique selling points. The primary focus is on backup, but other service capabilities, such as sharing, multi-device support, and emergency-restore options, are also noted.

iDrive Online Cloud Backup remains the most comprehensive online backup service, offering both online and local backup in the same job and multiple PCs and devices on the same account. The price range starts at 10GB free tier and extends to personal and team plans.

Carbonite Safe is among the most simple-to-use cloud backups and automatically selects the most important files for backup. It offers unlimited data with prices ranging from $72 for basic online-only backup to a higher rate for additional features such as local drive duplication and hard drive retrieval options.

Livedrive offers a flawless setup and client interface with good performance, while providing a standard Backup plan for one PC and unlimited storage and a Pro Suite that covers five machines at various price tiers.

Internxt Drive offers online storage, sync, and backup at an affordable price, with lifetime plans available. All plans provide the same features and offer 2TB of cloud storage and backup forever.

Arq 7 Backup is best for consolidating online storage, supporting a wide variety of third-party online storage services. It provides super-clean interface and setup with affordable online storage, and supports both local and online backup. offers a free tier with 5GB of backup cloud storage and most premium service features. It is easy to use, secure, and provides a browser interface, local apps, and the ability to sync files across devices.

In conclusion, choosing an online backup service depends on individual needs, budget, and preferences for features and functionality.