Top 2023 Password Managers: Enhance Security for Free

Start by using a password manager—the frequency of data breaches has made it easier to crack passwords. Even unique, random passwords stored in documents or spreadsheets are not secure. Free password managers protect you from this risk by allowing you to store all of your passwords in a single, secure place. While paid options offer nice extras, free password managers come in different styles to fit your needs. For example, Google’s password manager is increasingly becoming a no-cost option. Upgrading to a paid service down the road is also an option. You generally want a service that offers password generation, auto form-filling, two-factor authentication, and the ability to move between devices and device types. Bitwarden offers unlimited vault entries, device syncing, and two-factor authentication with its free plan. It also has the added advantage of real-time password sharing with one other account—perfect for couples or people closely linked. In addition, a premium plan is very affordable, starting at just $10 per year. If DIY is your thing, KeePass and KeePassXC are your best choices. KeePass provides full user control of data and is open source, while KeePassXC is a more modern interface alternative with a simplified interface. Both are free to use and give you full control over your passwords.