Tidy Up Your Digital Space with Microsoft’s Free PC Manager

Microsoft PC Manager is a useful tool for keeping PCs tidy and organized. Initially designed as a cleaner for old updates, downloads, and large ZIP files, it has since evolved into a general tuneup app. Despite flying under the radar after its Chinese-language beta launch in 2022, it is now available on the Microsoft Store with a full suite of utilities.

The app contains five main functions: Home, Protection, Storage, Apps, and Toolbox, each designed to improve PC performance and organize files. PC Manager’s interface is compressed into a small wedge on the screen, making the information and utilities easily accessible but lacking the option to enlarge the display.

The Home screen offers a “health check” to identify and delete unnecessary files that could be taking up space on your PC, while the Tools section provides quick access to some PC elements, such as start-up apps and storage management. The app also offers a “Deep Clean” feature that allows users to delete unnecessary files, caches, and browser data.

PC Manager also includes a “PC Boost” feature that aims to optimize performance by removing temporary files, helping to free up memory usage. Additionally, the app provides links to the Windows Settings menu for easy access to various functions and tools that are typically buried within the interface.

While some components of PC Manager are already available within Windows, the app’s ability to centralize these features and remind users of their existence may be beneficial to overall PC maintenance. Although it may not be as effective as a clean Windows installation, it can serve as a useful tool for streamlining and optimizing existing PC setups.

Overall, Microsoft PC Manager may be worth trying out, especially for users who want to optimize their existing Windows installation and stay organized.