The Ultimate Fighter’s Companion: A Review of the Scuf Envision Pro Controller

Scuf’s Envision Pro offers rapid, clicky ABXY buttons and D-pad, with a wealth of programmable buttons and media controls. However, the controller is expensive and triggers are difficult to adjust, and there are no swappable D-pad options. PC users and fighting game fans might appreciate the Envision Pro’s precise and rapid inputs, but general gamers may find the side buttons and harder customization less appealing.

PC gaming has been lacking in controller options, especially high-end ones, but Corsair’s Scuf is aiming to change that with the Envision Pro. Priced at $180, this premium wireless controller is in direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller. Despite its careful design and flexibility, it features some unique design decisions that may not be for everyone.

The Envision Pro’s new shape and design combine elements from both Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Its parallel analog sticks and D-pad in the PlayStation style make it distinct from other PC-focused controllers. The controller also includes triggers, shoulder buttons, rear-mounted paddles, and additional programmable buttons for personalized controls.

The Envision Pro offers extra buttons and keys for customization, including media controls and RGB lights. The package includes alternative thumbsticks, blanks for side buttons and rear paddles, a USB-C charging cable, and a wireless dongle. However, compared to the Xbox Elite, the Envision Pro’s package comes up short in terms of add-ons and additional features.

Although the Envision Pro has some unique design features, it may not be suitable for all gamers. Its PlayStation-style thumbsticks and clicky face buttons may be off-putting for some, while others may find them more responsive and faster for certain types of games. The shoulder buttons, triggers, and extra paddles present a mixed experience, with the side buttons being regarded as superfluous.

The Envision Pro’s customization options, including trigger distance, swappable thumbsticks, and the ability to block certain buttons, offer some flexibility. However, adjusting triggers on the fly can be challenging. Ultimately, the Envision Pro is better suited for those looking for a PC-focused controller that offers precise and rapid inputs, particularly in fighting games, but may not be ideal for general gaming.