The HHKB Studio: A Niche Definition of Keyboards

The HHKB manufacturer PFU has made a number of decisions that deviate from its most signature components. The HHKB Studio has the signature Happy Hacking layout which chops off huge portions of a full-sized board to keep fingers on the “home row”. The HHKB Studio includes a pointing stick, also known as a ThinkPad-style TrackPoint, combined with mouse buttons beneath the space bar and integrated into the case, allowing for easy scrolling, swapping through windows, adjusting volume, or more in conjunction with the programming software. The Studio also features integrated foam underneath the keyboard deck and custom-made, semi-silent linear mechanical switches from Kailh switches that conform to the Cherry MX standard. With minimal practice users can use the pointer around the screen with surprising precision including the center button for scrolling. The keyboard has two stage keyboard feet offering three options for typing angles. The downside is the giant, old-fashioned battery bay, which accomodates four AA batteries.