The Glorious Model O 2 Pro: A Precise and Ultra-Light Mouse for Pro Gamers – A Review

The Glorious Model O 2 Pro 4K/8KHz Edition is an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse that boasts a precise sensor with up to 26,000 DPI, long-lasting optical switches, and a high polling rate. However, at around $130, it may be overkill for the average gamer. The symmetrical design is not fully suitable for left-handers, and the high-end features don’t necessarily benefit everyday use. The mouse’s weight of just over 2 ounces and its dimensions make it comfortable for medium to larger hands, and it is suitable for all grip styles. The Glorious Model O 2 Pro 4K/8KHz Edition does not have a honeycomb structure like many other lightweight gaming mice, but a closed, smooth surface structure. The optical BAMF 2.0 sensor provides exceptional precision, and the high polling rate ensures an almost immediate response. The mouse features Glorious optical speed switches with a response time of just 0.2 milliseconds and a service life of up to 100 million clicks. The battery life is up to 80 hours in wireless mode, but is reduced to around 35 hours when using the maximum polling rate. The Glorious Core software allows for extensive customization, from DPI adjustment to macro programming. In practice, the mouse responds precisely and without delay in various gaming genres. It is stable and well-made, with a comfortable grip. Despite the high price, the high-end specs make the Glorious Model O 2 Pro 4K/8KHz Edition a solid choice for avid gamers.