Review of Cherry K5V2 Keyboard: Premium switches come at a premium cost

Cherry’s new pre-lubed switches are excellent, but the keyboard they are in may not be worth the high price tag. The Cherry K5V2 RGB Compact keyboard features Cherry’s newest MX2A Red switches, hot-swappable switch sockets, and smooth stabilizers. It also includes features like RGB lighting and N-key rollover. However, the keyboard lacks software customization, has ABS keycaps, and is quite expensive at $139.

The keyboard’s design is familiar, with a 65% layout, RGB lighting, and a detachable USB-C cable. It includes internal sound dampening layers and “super-scan technology” for quick response times. While the switches and stabilizers provide a great typing and gaming experience, the lack of software customization is a drawback.

The Cherry MX2A switches are smooth and responsive, but the keyboard only comes with Red switches initially. The stabilizers are excellent, providing stability and a satisfying typing experience. However, the keyboard’s plastic body and ABS keycaps may not be up to par with other keyboards in the price range.

Overall, the Cherry K5V2 keyboard is a solid option for those looking for a good typing and gaming experience. However, the lack of software customization, subpar keycaps, and high price make it less competitive compared to other keyboards on the market.