Review: BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro – More than just a terrific webcam

At first glance, BenQ’s IdeaCam S1 Pro stands out as a great value with a robust physical design, integrated ring light, and a useful macro lens. However, it falls slightly short of true 4K resolution and lacks 60fps and pan or zoom options. Despite these drawbacks, it offers a substantial amount of value for both everyday use and specialized streaming and presentations.

The physical design of the IdeaCam S1 Pro includes a chunky mount with a locking mechanism for added security. The camera delivers high-quality images, especially in good light, with excellent color balance and detail. However, in poor lighting conditions, image quality may suffer, even with the ring light on.

The camera does not offer digital pan or zoom capabilities, but it can flip forward for demonstration purposes. The included macro lens may seem gimmicky at first, but it can be useful for detailed work. The EnSpire software utility adds value with its manual controls and unique features like a superimposed ruler for measurements.

Overall, the IdeaCam S1 Pro is a versatile webcam that offers decent performance and features for its price point. Despite some minor limitations, it is a solid option for those looking for a reliable webcam for various applications.