Notepad and Copilot AI: Unlikely Pairing in Windows 11

Microsoft is offering a number of updates in its Canary and Dev Channels. Both channels will be using the same build numbers for the time being, denoting that Windows 11, version 24H2 will be this year’s annual feature update. The new Build 26052 features changes to Windows, Notepad, and Snipping Tool.

Notepad will have the “Explain with Copilot” feature which allows Copilot to help explain log files, code segments, or any selected content directly from within Notepad. Meanwhile, the Snipping Tool will allow users to add arrows, rectangles, or other shapes from the app itself.

Windows is doubling down on Copilot, highlighting the ability to explain text, highlight web pages, and other actions. The build also introduces the “sudo” command, typically reserved for Linux. In the development note, Microsoft discusses the security risks involved with using sudo.

Other changes that Microsoft is testing out include hearing aid enhancements, more settings to test features, Wi-Fi via camera, and officially killing Windows Mixed Reality.