Next-Gen Mod: FSR3 Replaces DLSS for Older Nvidia Cards

The battle between Nvidia and AMD continues, with new battle lines forming around their competing frame generation tech. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR3) recently became open source, allowing modders to add it to games that don’t natively support it. This is good news for owners of slightly older Nvidia cards, as FSR is platform-agnostic and better than earlier versions of Nvidia’s DLSS. In a demonstration of Cyberpunk 2077, an Nvidia RTX 3080 running FSR3 via mods and most of the game’s visuals set to their maximum, achieved a framerate of 71 FPS, compared to 40 FPS with native DLSS and FSR 2.2. However, there were some instability and HUD flicker issues noted during gameplay. An early build of FSR3 from LukeFZ, currently available only to Patreon supporters, is promising for those with older hardware. WCCFTech found a free tool from GitHub uploader “Nukem9” that can be applied to any game that supports DLSS on an Nvidia GPU, with initial improvements over official tools being impressive.