MSI Unveils Next-Generation Smarter, Bigger, and More Powerful Laptops at CES 2024

MSI unveiled a lineup of AI-ready laptops at Consumer Electronic Show 2024 (CES) in Las Vegas. They include laptops with Intel’s NPU (Neural-processing unit) stacked Intel Core Ultra Processor, specially optimized for AI workloads. MSI’s gaming laptops, such as the Pulse 16 AI and 17 AI, will feature Intel Ultra chips. Similarly, the new MSI Cyborg 15 AI and Thin 15 AI laptops will also have Intel Ultra processors, providing mainstream gamers with access to the hardware. MSI’s productivity and creator lineups, including the new Prestige AI Series and the MSI Creator 16 Studio laptop, are designed to handle increasing AI demands. These laptops will also have newly designed chassis for 2024. Intel’s Ultra processors reduce the processing load on a laptop’s CPU and GPU when processing repetitive AI tasks. They promise more than double the graphical output per watt compared to previous generations, providing a big performance boost for light gaming. MSI’s new 18-inch gaming laptops offer 4K,120Hz MiniLED displays. MSI also announced an ‘MSI AI Software Suite’, which includes AI Engine, AI Artist, and AI Noise Cancellation, aimed at utilizing the new AI hardware in the company’s lineup.