Microsoft 365’s Copilot AI: From Beta to Everywhere

In early 2024, Microsoft looks to finalize its Copilot AI service, which entails replacing “Bing Chat” with “Copilot. This switch, aimed for realization by December 1, will feature a series of AI capabilities for enhanced user interaction within the Office suite’s various apps. For example, within the Outlook and Word apps, Outlook is expected to summarize and plan followup meetings, while Word is expected to better track changes. Additionally, Microsoft intends for Copilot to be more interconnected with Teams, Loop, and other Microsoft apps in enterprise environments. Meanwhile, Microsoft looks to broaden the capabilities of its existing Microsoft Viva Insights program with specialized Copilots. To simplify the creation process, Microsoft plans to integrate Copilot AI into its Power Automate. Even for those planning apps like To Do, Planner, and Project, Microsoft plans to unify them into Microsoft Planner. These developments are part of Microsoft’s broader plan to expand the ubiquity of Copilot AI throughout its ecosystem. Note that Copilot for Microsoft 365 will cost businesses $30 per user per month.