Mastering the New Features of Windows 12

The last major Windows 11 23H2 update was released in Fall 2023. Despite initial concerns, Windows 10 users are not being left behind as Microsoft plans new functions for the older operating system. There is even speculation about the possibility of extending support for Windows 10 beyond its planned end in October 2025. There is also talk of a potential Windows 11 24H2, possibly even called Windows 12. However, no official announcements have been made yet. It is certain that high hardware requirements will continue, preventing older devices from installing Windows 11 or 12 through official means. However, some features Microsoft has for the next generation operating system can already be implemented in Windows 10 or 11 today. Additionally, some planned functions for later versions can be activated now using tricks.

Suggestions for enhancing Windows 10 or 11:

1. Windows File Manager and Desktop: Microsoft is heavily working on redesigning the Windows Explorer and the desktop interface. Plans for a modular structure, known as Core PC, aim to improve the stability and speed of updates in the future.
2. Use alternative file managers: Consider using a modern file manager like Files, which offers additional functions such as organizing files with tags and working with split views.
3. Tuning for the Windows taskbar: Redesign the taskbar using tools like Rounded TB for Windows 11 or Rocket Dock for Windows 10 and 11 to personalize the appearance and layout.
4. Try out Windows function updates early: Join the Windows Insider Program to access pre-release functions and updates.

While there is no official confirmation, it is possible that Microsoft will continue to expand and improve its operating systems, offering new features and enhancements for both Windows 10 and 11. It is important to stay informed about further developments through Microsoft’s official channels.