Mastering Microsoft Paint: Unleashing the Power of New Layers and AI Tools

Microsoft is expanding the functions of Paint in Windows 11, with the app getting a new version. The outdated program is becoming a modern image editor with AI functions. The Paint app can be updated from the App Store and through Windows 11’s Store app. However, despite the updates, Paint is not expected to be a comprehensive competitor to other image editing tools.

In the new version of Paint, users will find an updated interface, as well as new features such as “Cocreator” and “Layers.” The Cocreator in Paint allows users to create AI images directly within the app using OpenAI Dall-E. This feature requires a Microsoft account for image processing in the Microsoft cloud.

Users also have the ability to work with layers in Paint, a feature that was previously unavailable. This allows for more advanced image editing, similar to other professional editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Other new features in Paint include the ability to remove backgrounds and create AI images directly within the app. While these features are currently only available in Windows 11, there is speculation that they may eventually be integrated into Windows 10 as well.

Overall, the updates to Paint in Windows 11 offer enhanced image editing capabilities, but the app may not be a compelling reason for users to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. However, Microsoft may have motivations to expand these features to a wider audience in the future.