Intel Launches the Era of ‘AI PC’ with Core Ultra Chips

Intel’s Core Ultra era begins-Intel’s 14th-gen Core Ultra chips in “Meteor Lake” series are set to bring a new era of AI PCs. Intel claims it will offer 11 new mobile Core Ultra processors, in both H and U families. Intel has confirmed that the new Core Ultra processors would appear in more than 230 unique PCs from over 35 PC makers, starting with laptops shipping today.

The H-series parts require a minimum of 28 watts of base power and scale up to either 64W or 115W of maximum turbo power. The U-series versions of the Core Ultra are designed as 15W processors, with turbo power scaling up to 57W. Intel is making big claims regarding power efficiency, as Intel is claiming a significant power reduction compared to AMD in typical applications. A laptop powered by Meteor Lake will use 79 percent less power while idle, 48 percent less power streaming Netflix, and 25 percent less compared to the Core i7-1370P. Intel is working with laptop makers to design new “Evo Edition” laptops with ten hours of battery life on 1080p screens.

Intel is also disclosing a few planned additions to the Meteor Lake/Core Ultra family, including its first Core Ultra 9 chip. At press time, it wasn’t clear why the available memory capacity would vary with the type of memory. Because they’re notebook parts, Intel does not disclose prices of the Core Ultra chips.

Notebooks with Intel 14th-gen Core Ultra chips inside will support four Thunderbolt 4 ports and include WiFi 6E instead of WiFi 7. Notebooks with Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) chips inside will share many common features from prior generations, but with more Thunderbolt ports and PCI Express Gen 5.

As for how fast Intel’s Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) will be, Intel claims that Meteor Lake-based Core Ultra laptops powered by the Intel Core Ultra 7 165H will outperform the AMD 7840U by 12 percent in single-threaded CPU performance.