Inside PCWorld’s Keyboard Testing Lab: The Science Behind Our Reviews

If you use a desktop PC, a keyboard is a must. A comfortable keyboard is also important for laptop or tablet users. PCWorld has roundups of wireless keyboards, gaming keyboards, and mechanical keyboards that you should check out. But, what makes a keyboard the best? Read on to find out more.

We receive keyboard review units directly from manufacturers in retail packaging. This allows us to evaluate the product like a regular consumer, despite our professional experience. Occasionally, we purchase keyboards for personal use, but reviews are done with professional neutrality.

When evaluating a keyboard, we look at the presentation, additional parts, and features like detachable cables and wrist rests. For mechanical keyboards, additional accessories like keycap tools and spare switches are considered. We also test keyboards by using them for one to two weeks for typing and gaming, evaluating comfort, layout, and performance.

For wireless keyboards, we test connectivity in various settings and modes. Mechanical keyboards that are customizable are disassembled to test keycaps and switches. The warranty status is noted based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Software is another key factor in evaluating keyboards, especially gaming keyboards that require driver software for advanced features. The user-friendliness and functionality of the software are considered. Other features like volume knobs and RGB lighting are considered but are not as important as basic performance.

Lastly, the price is a crucial factor in evaluating keyboards. A keyboard that is priced significantly higher than its competitors, without offering additional value, will not make the cut. The final verdict is based on all these factors, and exceptional keyboards may replace existing recommendations in our roundups.