Hidden Gems: 10 Must-Try Windows 11 Features You Probably Missed

Every operating system has its benefits, and that includes Windows 11, despite my complaints. The useful features keep growing, with more being teased for future release (like native RGB lighting controls). But with utilities and settings coming out slowly, it’s easy to miss a few, especially with the flashier features hogging the headlines. We’ve pulled 10 features that don’t get enough love—if you’ve heard of them and haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time. Notepad tabs: Notepad predates Windows but is still relevant today. In Windows 11, you can manage and navigate between open files in a single window with tabs. Widgets: Get weather, stock prices, sports updates, and entertainment news with one mouse click. Screen recording: Screen recording finally gets added in Windows 11, allowing you to capture specific parts of your screen. Quick Assist: Provides remote support without needing a Windows Pro license. Clock info: Add seconds to your clock readout in the taskbar. File Explorer tabs: All your numerous Explorer windows can now be grouped as tabs in a single container. Fast Snap Bar access: Access Snap layouts faster by hovering over the maximize button. Power savings: Reduce idle power consumption with specific settings in Windows 11. Virtual desktops: Let you spread your active apps and windows among different home screens. Clipchamp: An alternative free option for video editing capabilities.