Google Drive File Recovery: Missing Files Error Resolved

Google Drive Desktop Client Causing Missing Files Error

A recent error with a version of the desktop client for Google Drive has caused missing files for some users, with some files going back several months, leaving many users upset. The problem has been corrected in a new version. An ongoing support thread on Google Drive Help shows users complaining about their remote backups being empty. A Windows user reported that their Drive files going back to May of this year had disappeared from both the local folder and Google’s server. Support from the company was unable to restore the files. Google is aware of the issue and working on it, stating it’s affecting a “limited subset of Drive for desktop users.” The issue affects version through of the syncing app for both Windows and Mac. The missing file error seems to have been corrected in Drive desktop version for Windows and Mac. Users are advised to use the Recover from Backups function to find the missing files.