GeForce Now Introduces Xbox and Game Pass Account Integration

Nvidia has added the ability to sync your Xbox account to the GeForce Now streaming service, making PC games connected to your Xbox account playable over Nvidia’s servers. This includes games in the Xbox Game Pass PC library, if you’re currently subscribed. By the current count, that’s over 300 games you can access for just $10 a month. A lot of those games can already be streamed via the Xbox Cloud Gaming system, but some of those that can’t now have the option via Nvidia’s streaming system instead of Microsoft’s. The partnership appears to be fallout from the Microsoft-Activision acquisition, in which the former promised not to monopolize the emerging game streaming market. The current deal should be in place for 10 years, and Activision-Blizzard titles are set to hit GeForce Now soon, after the publisher removed them from the service in 2020. That’s on top of GeForce Now’s existing account syncing options, which give you access to the GFN-compatible PC games you’ve purchased from Steam, Epic, and Ubisoft’s Ubisoft. There’s also a new promotion on the service: If you sign up for six months of GeForce Now Ultimate, you get three months of PC Game Pass for free.