Frore AirJet: Exploring the Innovative Solid-State Cooling Technology for PCs

The Frore Systems AirJet Mini and AirJet Pro are active cooling chips that enable devices to become even thinner, quieter, cooler, and more powerful. The technology has the potential to replace conventional fans in PCs and other devices and is being promoted as an efficient alternative to conventional fan systems. The AirJet is a self-contained, solid-state, active heat dissipation module that operates quietly while being very thin and lightweight, removing heat without using bulky heatsinks, fans, or liquid cooling, making it suitable for very low-profile and dust-tight devices. The AirJet Mini can be connected to its target device via a copper heat exchanger and is equipped with tiny membranes that vibrate ultrasonically to generate the required airflow. The more powerful AirJet Pro removes 10.5 watts of heat at 24 dBA and consumes a maximum of 1.75 watts of power. Compared to conventional PC fans, AirJet offers a number of advantages that emphasize their application potential in various devices, from thin notebooks to mini desktop PCs, gaming smartphones, 4K webcams, doorbell cameras, and LED lamps. Frore Systems’ AirJet technology has the potential to replace conventional fan systems in a wide range of devices, providing more powerful and quieter cooling. The company also plans to develop the next generation of AirJet, which will be even thinner than the current versions but dispel the same amount of heat, using a principle it cheekily dubs “Frore’s Law.”