Firewalla Gold SE: The Ultimate Network Security Solution without Subscription Fees

The Firewalla Gold SE comes without a subscription, it is a good app, but it can be expensive, especially in the UK. The option to use a web portal instead of the app is not available, and app blocking can take a while to come into effect. The Firewalla Gold SE is a valuable investment as it offers excellent protection for your network, allows you to monitor network activities, and gives you control over the devices connected to your network. Unlike its predecessor, the Firewalla Purple, it has a metal case, making it more durable, but it comes at a higher price.
The hardware of the Firewalla Gold SE features 2x 2.5Gbps ports, 2x 1Gbps ports, and no Wi-Fi. It is designed to be an affordable firewall that provides better security and control than most routers. It does not require a subscription, making it a one-time investment. Its primary function is to block malicious activity and provide insights into your network. It can also block ads and monitor the behavior of devices. Additionally, it can also block and warn you about dangerous websites without the need to install software or browser extensions on every device. The Firewalla Gold SE also offers fine control over what devices can and can’t do, allowing you to create rules for specific devices or groups of devices. It also offers network segmentation to isolate certain devices from each other, enhancing security.
The Firewalla Gold SE does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, but it can be used in conjunction with a Wi-Fi access point or a mesh Wi-Fi system. The setup process may seem complex, but it is worth it for the security and control it provides over your network.