Farewell to Cooler Master’s Iconic NR200 Case: A Look Back at a Classic

Cooler Master’s NR200 mini-ITX case to be discontinued

A representative for Cooler Master has confirmed that the NR200, a popular mini-ITX case, will soon reach its “EOL” (end of life). The NR200 gained fame during the pandemic for its flexibility, horizontal GPU configurations, and budget-friendly price of $80.

At CES 2024, Cooler Master announced the NR200P V2, priced at $140, which only supports vertical GPU mounting. This new version has disappointed many SFF (small-form-factor) enthusiasts, who appreciated the NR200 for its affordability and flexibility.

The NR200’s retirement comes as a surprise, as many were hoping for a standard version of the case to remain on the market. Its discontinuation will undoubtedly leave a void in the SFF building community, as it was a widely recommended mini-ITX case. Those interested in obtaining the NR200 are advised to purchase it soon, as it is expected to become a collector’s item.