Expanding the PlayStation Universe: Games Heading to PC, Mobile, and Cloud Platforms

The PlayStation’s expansion to PC, mobile, and cloud gaming was announced by Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida in a recent interview with investors. Sony is looking for wider revenue streams beyond the PlayStation 5, as evidenced by its move to bring former PlayStation exclusives to the PC. The company’s portfolio includes games that are released on PlayStation first, followed by PC. Despite some interest in game streaming, Sony’s approach to it is fragmented. One of the most anticipated upcoming PC game releases is Horizon: Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. There are also rumors of other Sony games like Ghost of Tsushima making their way to the PC, but no official confirmation has been given. Additionally, Yoshida expressed skepticism about subscription models like Microsoft’s Game Pass, stating that they may not be as valuable compared to video streaming services due to the fact that people usually play only one game at a time.