Essential Windows Software: 17 Must-Try PC Apps for 2024

AI dominated last year with the release of Chat-GPT triggering a rush to integrate AI functions into products. Microsoft’s stock soared thanks to its stake in Open AI. Ransomware attacks are expected to increase, along with phishing attempts. Saving energy will remain important as electricity prices remain high. New and existing tools for 2024 will focus on AI, virus protection, and energy savings, as well as office support and system functionality. Some examples include NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI for generating images, Pinokio for automating Json scripts, and Upscayl for increasing image resolution. Windows tuning tools like Microsoft Powertoys, Winaero Tweaker, HWinfo, and Driver Easy will help improve system performance and user interface customization. Energy-saving tools like Monitorian, Tweak Power, and Wise Auto Shutdown will help reduce power consumption. Tips for driver updates include not installing new drivers immediately, avoiding pre-release or beta versions, creating restore points, and using driver updater programs like Driver Easy. Lastly, security software will be crucial in protecting against phishing and ransomware attacks, as the internet becomes more dangerous.