Enhance Your AI PC Experience with Cutting-Edge Audio Filters

Working from home, jamming to pop music, your boss requests a video chat. Do you pause Spotify? Two years ago, sure. Now, AI audio filtering is so advanced that you can play music and your laptop will filter it out. We tested it. AI in AI art, chatbots, or blurring backgrounds on video calls is common, but AI audio filtering is the new frontier. You might not know about this, but your voice is heard, not the background music. Different laptops may offer varying experiences, but it’s worth exploring. The AI in the Asus ZenBook 14 OLED impressed us. The Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor and AI NPU excel with the integrated MyAsus app offering various fun features including AI audio modes. During our tests, the AI noise filtering proved effective, filtering out background music while recording. The directional audio filter focused on me and my voice, not the music. The AI conferencing filter was astonishing, completely removing the background music. Despite training the AI for my voice, it didn’t make a significant difference. This technology provides a tangible benefit of AI on laptops, making it a great reason to consider purchasing an AI PC.