Effortlessly Edit PDF Files: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many individuals find themselves needing to edit PDFs, but this can often be difficult. PDF files are not designed to be easily edited, and while there are a plethora of Windows and web apps available, there is no universal solution beyond Adobe’s pricey Acrobat Pro. Editing options become limited, but labelling and annotating PDFs is a common approach and can be accomplished with programs such as Adobe Reader DC, Foxit, and Sumatra PDF. Additional features like the ability to reorder, delete, and rotate pages, as well as the capability to merge PDF files, are available in other programs like PDFgear, PDF-Xchange, and Preview.

Labelling actions is a common method, with many programs allowing for the selection of text to be highlighted with a chosen color or underline/overline. Shapes, such as arrows and squares, can also be used. In addition, text can be added to the content with different fonts, sizes, and styles. Annotations are another option that shows notes in both a box and a list alongside the content. Deleting and rotating pages, as well as the ability to merge PDF files, is also a common task that can be done in various programs. However, fixing issues, such as copying issues, can be more challenging. While a number of methods exist to rectify them, they often rely on pasting the text into a separate program for a clean result.