Efficiency Boosters: 14 Microsoft Windows Tools and Tricks for Maximizing Your Time

Do you want to spend minimal time on the technicalities behind your PC usage, such as writing documents, surfing the internet, watching videos, or playing games? Most users prefer an operating system that is stable, runs without unnecessary interruptions, and provides convenient working functions without much effort. Windows 10 and 11 meet the needs of most users to a great extent. However, many applications require frequent user attention, such as when updates are due.

In this article, we introduce tools that can simplify the process of installing and automatically updating programs, making your PC experience more efficient and hassle-free.

One way to install programs faster is to use Winget, a command line tool that allows users to search for and install programs, as well as update them. It can also access the Microsoft Store and the extensive Windows Package Manager Community Repository. In addition, Wingetui, a graphical interface for Winget, can perform updates automatically according to a schedule.

Another option for automatic updates is Winget Autoupdate, a Powershell script that can be set up to perform silent software updates in the background. It can also update programs with elevated rights without requiring user input.

For keeping drivers up to date, Snappy Driver Installer is a useful tool that can detect installed drivers and check for updates, as well as install them automatically.

Additionally, portable applications can be a convenient alternative to conventionally installed programs, especially when used on a USB stick or external hard drive. PortableApps.com Platform is a starter for numerous free programs and tools that can be easily installed and updated.

Ninite is a service that allows users to quickly compile setup packages containing different programs, making it ideal for the automatic installation of software or the quick setup of basic software equipment for a freshly installed Windows.

Overall, these tools and methods can help streamline the process of installing and updating programs, as well as optimize the overall efficiency of your PC experience.