Edge Browser “Stealing” Chrome Tabs for Select Users

The recent Windows 11 updates have caused a stir among users, as Edge, Microsoft’s default browser, has been launching with the last-open Chrome tabs for some users, even after they have specified Chrome as their preferred browser. This behavior seems to be linked to a recent Windows 11 software update and has left many users frustrated.

Some users have reported that Edge has been syncing data from Chrome in the background without their knowledge or permission, despite them explicitly stating that they do not want to sync or import data into Edge. This aggressive behavior from Edge has raised concerns about Microsoft’s push to get users onto its first-party services, and whether it is intentional or a bug.

While the behavior does not seem to be universal and not all users are experiencing it, it has highlighted the need for Windows to ease up on its heavy-handed attempts to promote Microsoft’s first-party software and services. Overall, the recent incidents with Edge and Windows 11 have left many users feeling frustrated and wary of the browser’s aggressive tactics.