Dygma Raise: A Two-Halved Keyboard – A Comprehensive Review

The Dygma Raise is an impressive achievement in design and usability. It’s a serious investment, but daily use will make it feel like it’s paid for itself when your hands aren’t in pain. However, it will probably ruin you for using any other keyboard due to its comfort level and customizability. With a wide range of colors and switch options, it also boasts a high-quality build and design, making it a stylish and practical choice. The keyboard’s split design and tilted angle can be uncomfortable at first, but it takes no time to adjust and the customized thumb keys and layers make keyboard use more efficient. It’s also ergonomic, providing more open shoulders and less pain in the neck and shoulders. Overall, the Dygma raise is well worth the investment for a comfortable, customizable, and efficient typing experience.