Dragon’s Fortune: A Captivating Japanese Action Drama

Expert’s Rating Despite some hiccups in the storytelling and presentation, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth excels in its rich, vibrant world, fast-paced tactical battles, and well-written characters. The game is a must-have for fans of story-driven action games. The eighth instalment in the series, the game introduces a variety of engaging side quests and offers a welcoming entry point for newcomers. The game’s setting in Hawaii provides an exciting backdrop for the narrative, with nods to previous games in the series. The game world is visually stunning, with a variety of interactive shops and a diverse range of characters. The combat system is a standout feature, offering fast-paced, text-based battles with tactical elements. Side activities, including arcade games and deep mini-games inspired by Pokémon and Animal Crossing, provide hours of additional entertainment. Overall, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers a comprehensive gaming experience that will satisfy both series veterans and newcomers.