Discover the Exciting New Features of Windows 11’s 2023 Update

The 2023 Update of Windows 11 has arrived. Windows 11 users will receive most of the 2023 Update features by Nov. 14, though it may take longer for some systems. A promising feature of the 2023 Update is a shift to an “AI PC,” supported by Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and PC makers. Passkeys allow for password-free access to websites if you have a Windows 11 2023 Update PC with Windows Hello. Copilot, previously known as Windows Copilot, is included in the update and offers a chatbot that can help with PC settings adjustments. Additionally, Paint has been reinvigorated with management tools, background removal, transparency and layers, and Cocreator, an AI art tool. Snipping Tool, a screenshot and video recording tool, has added mic and/or system audio support. Furthermore, the Windows 11 2023 Update includes Dynamic Lighting for gaming and File Explorer improvements for productivity. Overall, the 2023 Update promises to deliver significant changes and improvements.