Discover 10 Unbelievable Hidden Windows Features

If you’ve been using Windows for decades, there might be some little-known features that could still surprise you and improve efficiency, comfort, or fun while using your PC. Check out these ten obscure Windows features that can be easily tried out and should work on both Windows 10 and 11. Here’s what you can do:

1. Mouse hover window activation: Enable window activation by moving your mouse cursor over it in the Control Panel under the Ease of Access Center.

2. Easy window arrangement: Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and use the arrow keys to quickly move windows around your screen.

3. Quick taskbar launching: Quickly access your most-used programs by pressing the Windows button and a corresponding number on your keyboard.

4. Rearrange your system tray: Click and drag icons in the system tray to re-arrange and hide or show them.

5. Night light: Dim your computer’s screen and lower its blue light output by using the built-in night light feature in the quick settings menu or set it to turn on and off automatically at specific times.

6. Instantly bring up the Task Manager: Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open the Task Manager from any screen in any program.

7. Screenshot tricks: Use the Windows Snipping Tool for advanced screenshot options such as capturing your entire workspace, just one window, or a freeform selection drawn with your mouse.

8. Search by most recently installed programs: Use the “Install date” option to find and uninstall the most recently-installed programs in the Add or Remove Programs menu.

9. Quickly connect to new screens: Press Win + P to open the “Project” menu and select Duplicate, Extend, or Second screen only.

10. Adjust text and element sizes: Change the Scale setting in Display Settings to make text and images look bigger or smaller on your screen without changing the resolution.

11. Quickly adjust icon sizes in Explorer: Hold down the Ctrl button and scroll your mouse wheel up and down to change the size of thumbnail images in Explorer windows.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maximizing your Windows experience. Check out more helpful Windows tools and learn how to tune Windows for laser-focused productivity to make the most out of your PC.