Dell’s XPS Laptops: A Sleek Plus Revamp

The XPS 13 Plus: Is This The Future Of Dell

Dell’s latest XPS 13 Plus laptop is changing the game with its touch-enabled function row and invisible trackpad. The newest versions of Dell’s XPS laptop line are all sporting this updated design language. Notably, all laptops have been visually compacted, so much so that two of Dell’s larger laptop models have been downsized. The XPS 15 has morphed into a 14, and the XPS 17 into a 16, with their 16:10 screens only slightly reducing in size. While the new design has taken some getting used to, it allows for advanced and discrete graphics card options previously not available on the smaller 13-inch model.

The XPS 13 is still focused on portability, featuring a flattened keyboard. It continues to offer a variety of display and RAM options. The new XPS 14, with a larger screen, also utilizes the updated design language and features at least two Thunderbolt 4 ports. The final model, the XPS 16, is a powerhouse with a 16.3-inch 4K touch panel option and an 18-core processor.

Even though these new laptops have some unique design elements, their overall sleekness and functionality remain intact. The biggest improvement on these machines is the optional OLED panel which significantly enhances the visual experience. Pricing for the new XPS family is quite reasonable, with the XPS 13 starting at $1,299, the XPS 14 at $1,699, and the XPS 16 at $1,899. Based on Dell’s past releases, these new models may be available before the start of the summer.