Boost Your VPN Speed: 10 Proven Tips and Tricks

This article discusses ten ways to optimize the speed of your virtual private network (VPN). One suggestion is to test your internet connection speed by disconnecting from the VPN and using SpeedTest, then comparing it to the speed when connected to the VPN. Another tip is to change the location of your VPN server, as the server’s location can impact internet speed and latency. Additionally, restarting your device, restarting your router, and connecting your device to the router with a LAN cable can also help improve your VPN connection.

Choosing a different protocol, changing the port, and turning off firewall and antivirus software are additional methods to improve VPN speed. Split tunnelling, where part of your device’s data traffic is routed through the VPN while another part goes directly through your normal internet connection, is another useful way to optimize VPN speed. Finally, if all else fails, consider changing your VPN provider. Each suggestion is designed to help users get the best possible speed and performance from their VPN.