Best Guided Tours on Malta

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You think you are traveling in a foreign land but it turns out that everything seems very familiar. If this happens to your trip to Malta, you should be happy because it is the best endorsement of Malta as a popular holiday destination. It’s true that sometimes Maltese things can seem too familiar to visitors who have been to many Mediterranean islands and tourism hubs like Mykonos or Ibiza. However, if you plan your travel in advance, visit some of our main tourist attractions and take one or more guided tours around the island, the perfect balance between familiarity and novelty will surely come into place. Here is why:

Dress Codes

The dress code in all Maltese restaurants, even those located at beach resorts such as Paceville in St. Julian’s, usually allows casual clothes and shoes. There are, however, exceptions depending on the venue (formal dining for instance) and this is where you will see people wearing more appropriate attire like gentlemen who can be seen sporting a shirt and slacks or ladies who dress up for dinner even at theme restaurants around Paceville.

Best Guided Tours on Malta

Drinks & Cuisine

Maltese cuisine offers something fresh to everyone: fish dishes with potatoes as a side dish; pasta with seafood ingredients; local cheese that comes from goats that roam free on our hillsides; local bread made of stone-ground flour; desserts ranging from classic chocolate chip cookies to jeweled custard tarts. You know what else? We also have some unique drinks you can only try in Malta like the famous Birra Malt, a beer brand made from malt extracts.

Dance Culture

If you are interested in dance & music events, you’ll find plenty of clubs around Paceville to choose from and most of them will feature local live bands performing on stage. It is also common for hotels at beach resorts to host live entertainment every night after dinner with professional musicians who sing covers of popular songs that span over the past decades. During summer months especially during weekends when there are more tourists than usual in town, several five-star hotels become major clubbing destinations where famous international DJs perform till the early hours of the morning. Bars close earlier though (about 3 am) because they mostly target locals rather than foreigners and this is not the case for clubs.