Avast Premium Security: Complete PC Protection Review

Avast Premium Security is a top-notch antivirus protection software that offers more granular control over settings, including scan depth with a streamlined, easy to navigate interface. However, it may cause a performance impact on slower PCs during long full scans, and it lacks an included VPN and password manager, with a couple of features that are buggy. The software’s status screen shows your PC’s protection status and a big green button that starts a Smart Scan when pressed. With a user interface that is clear and easy to understand, which allows for granular custom scans and control over protection settings. It includes real-time and scheduled scans, a firewall that replaces Windows’ built in defenses and ransomware shield that guards access to folders often targeted by ransomware. The software is available for purchase in single-device and 10-device plans starting at $51 for the first year and includes Avast Family Sharing. Overall, Avast Premium Security offers top-notch antivirus protection and a streamlined interface, but is lacking in VPN and password manager services. You can purchase licenses through Newegg for bigger savings on multi-device plans.