Apple Welcomes Xbox and Nvidia Game Streaming onto iPhones

The rise of game streaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass has made it possible to play full-power PC and console games on your phone or tablet. However, Apple has been shutting down game streaming services trying to release dedicated apps in the App Store. But now, Apple has changed its policy, allowing game streaming services to be subject to the same scrutiny as every other app on the App Store. Developers can submit a single app with the capability to stream all of the games offered in their catalog. This is a significant shift from Apple’s previous policy, as the company had been rejecting game streaming apps since 2020.

Apple’s previous policy seemed to have some inconsistencies, as media streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max were allowed to stream movies with explicit content, while dedicated game streaming apps were not. The reversal of Apple’s policy comes at a time when the company is facing an anti-trust ruling in the European Union and legal battles with companies like Epic Games.

All in all, this change in Apple’s policy is a significant development for game streaming services and the gaming industry as a whole.