AMD Discontinues Support for Radeon Link Mobile Streaming App

AMD to End Support for AMD Link Mobile App
AMD has announced that it will no longer support the AMD Link mobile app, which enables gamers to stream games from PCs with Radeon graphics cards to Android and iOS devices and remotely control and monitor PC gaming functions. The decision comes after Apple recently allowed game streaming services on the iPhone for the first time. AMD Link will not be integrated with AMD’s Adrenalin driver package going forward.
The company stated that when it initially launched AMD Link in 2017, there were limited alternative remote gaming solutions for Radeon graphics users. However, with expanded options such as Steam Link, Xbox Game Pass, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, AMD believes its own efforts are no longer necessary and is reallocating its resources.
Despite the business reasoning behind the decision, it comes as a surprise, especially considering that the Google Play Store shows the AMD Link app has been downloaded between one and five million times, albeit with an average rating of 2.9 out of 5. In comparison, the app is more positively reviewed on iOS, but has far fewer users, with only 11 written reviews as of now.
As of now, both the Android and iOS versions of the AMD Link app are still available for download and presumably still functional. However, it is likely that it will cease to work with a future release of AMD Adrenalin desktop software package.