AMD Announces Zen 5 Processor ‘Strix Point’ for Ryzen Laptops

AMD has launched the Ryzen 8000 series of mobile processors, with company executives confirming that its next mobile processor, Strix Point, will utilize the next-generation Zen 5 architecture. Dr. Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, made this announcement during the company’s fourth-quarter 2023 earnings report, reporting a net income of $667 million, a significant increase from $21 million in profits a year ago. Revenue also climbed 10 percent to $6.168 billion.

AMD’s Ryzen 8000 mobile lineup was launched in December and the chips will begin shipping in notebooks in February. The company is already looking ahead to Strix Point, the next-generation mobile chip scheduled to launch later this year. Su mentioned that the chips are expected to deliver more than three times the AI performance of the Ryzen 7040 series processors. Strix combines the next-gen Zen 5 core with enhanced RDNA graphics and an updated Ryzen AI engine to significantly increase performance, energy efficiency, and AI capabilities of PCs.

AMD has previously announced that Strix Point would offer triple the generative AI performance of the Ryzen 7040 series, though it has not formally linked Strix Point to Zen 5. Reports suggest that the Zen 5 chips will use RDNA 3.5 graphics technology.

Su projected that 2024 revenue would grow more in the second half of the year and expects strong growth opportunities for their client business as they ramp their current products, extend their AI PC leadership, and launch their next wave of Zen 5 CPUs. AMD’s Strix Point will challenge Intel’s Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake, its next-gen mobile architecture that Intel says will also triple the performance of the NPU’s AI.